Andy Farmer - DIRECTOR 

As founder of Littlefeet Environmental, Andy Farmer has been working with and dedicating his time to marine turtle conservation for the last ten years. When it comes to sea turtles, he has an impeccable wealth of knowledge about this species that we love so much! Having spent a significant amount of time throughout Central America in countries such as Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Guatemala, he has been able to personally develop the volunteer projects we offer at Littlefeet Environmental while also discovering a new colony of Hawksbill Sea Turtles that have been nesting in a remote mangrove off the West coast of Chinandega, Nicaragua. Andy is a hardworking and committed project leader with extensive knowledge of marine turtle conservation initiatives that can be found throughout Mexico and Central America. (


Courtney Huisman was first introduced to the world of marine turtle conservation in 2009 on a volunteer project in Costa Rica, and she was instantly hooked! She joined Littlefeet Environmental on their first expedition to the Playa Larga Reserve in Panama in 2012. Since then she has been tirelessly volunteering her time on promoting Littlefeet in her home country of Canada. Back home in the Great White North, Courtney has worked on organic farming projects and in agricultural nurseries for over nine years. Since graduating from the University of Waterloo in 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, she has been dedicating her time at an Urban Wildlife Rehabilitation centre working with injured Canadian wildlife. (


Littlefeet Environmental was established in 2008 on the Island of Jersey as an environmental consultancy to aid businesses in setting up environmental management systems to monitor and reduce their company's impacts on the environment. 


In December of 2011, Littlefeet Environmental decided to change route and became a registered not for profit organization. The focus of our organization became marine conservation, research and education. At home on the Island of Jersey, we conduct shoreline cleanups each week; bring awareness to the effects of marine debris. We are involved with local schools and surf clubs providing them with educational seminars and discussion groups. Our team of dedicated onshore volunteers works with other local businesses to join forces and contribute to a forever-growing effort to protect our local coastlines.


Littlefeet Environmental also bases their work in the southern Mexican Caribbean. On the Caribbean coast of this Latin-American country lies our first international, grassroots research project. Our main objective of this project is to facilitate sea turtle conservation in three nationally protected areas while working with the local communities to encourage further protection and the sustainable use of these ecologically diverse areas. Our survey sites include the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve, the Sian Ka'an World Heritage Site and Xcalak National Marine Park and the coastal port town of Mahahual; four different species of sea turtles can be found in this area. 

Our Mission

To build an environmentally and socially responsible community of organizations and individuals through ecological research, sustainable travel and volunteering while utilizing marine turtles as flagship species to develop volunteer expeditions and initiate collective community involvement.

Our humble abode in Banco Chinchorro - 'Casa des Matraca'

...protecting sea turtles on Mexico's Caribbean coast!

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